How To Make A Lead In Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are different types of animals as well as eliminating them will not only offer you extra experience that you can make use of to level up yourself yet likewise some valuable things for crafting objectives such as leather. Eliminating them will certainly additionally offer you raw meat that can be used to recoup your health and also appetite.
Yet this is not as easy as it looks as when you try to kill them, they begin to run away from you. So you can utilize a lead that can have them in such circumstances. It acts similar to a rope and also when you utilize it on animals then they begin to follow you anywhere you go. So exactly how you can make and also utilize it will be discussed in this short article.

Products needed to make a Lead

You can make a lead by putting 4 strings as well as 1 slimeball inside a crafting table.

Finding a string

You can locate strings by eliminating crawlers and crawlers can be discovered in dungeons as they generate in dark locations or if you do not intend to go there then you ought to await the night time and afterwards you require to eliminate it to get the strings.

Finding a Slime ball

You can find scums in the slime biome which are green colored species mostly available at the water shores and killing them will offer you 2 items of sludge sphere as shown.

Making a lead

Now you need to position 4 pieces of strings as well as 1 sludge sphere inside a crafting table that will provide you 2 pieces of lead as revealed.

How to use a lead on animals

You just need to gear up the lead and also require to click on any type of pet to bind it with you to make sure that it can’t quit you. For instance, we have used it on llama as shown

In the same way, you can use it on various other animals as well like a chicken as revealed.


In Minecraft, there are different types of pets readily available that you can kill to obtain the raw meat to renew your power. You can bind them with yourself utilizing a lead or else they will certainly try to run away from you. With this, they will start to follow you wherever you go and also you can make a variety of different food farms with a limitless supply.

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