How To Turn Off PS5

If you don’t turn off PS5 properly, you might damage the console. PS5 beginners may find it troublesome, as the process varies from turning off the PS3 or the PS4.

Essentially, you can turn off the PS5 with the UI, so you don’t require to turn it off manually every time. But likewise, making use of the hands-on button to turn off the PS5 while on Rest Mode is usually hazardous.

So, we’ve compiled a listing of options to turn off your PS5 with and without the controller.

How to Turn Off PS5 With the DualSense Controller

You can shut down the PlayStation 5 console without standing from your seat with the DualSense:

  1. Open the PS5 Control Center
    Press the PlayStation logo design on the controller to open the PS5 Control Center menu.
    The button is between both thumb-sticks. A single faucet will certainly open up the menu. On the PS4 as well as the PS3, customers needed to push and also hold the button to open the menu.
  2. Press the Power Button
    Press the power button on the lower right (hit “X”). Here, there’re 3 options:
    Enter Rest Mode
    Turn off PS5
    Restart PS5
  3. Select the Turn-Off Option
    After you select the “Turn Off PS5 option,” the message “preparing to turn off your PS5” option will certainly appear. Please don’t disconnect the AC power cord while the light is still blinking.
turn off ps5

Turning Off PS5 Without the DualSense Controller

Without the DualSense controller, you have to press a button on the console.

It’s one of the most simple method, as well as it does not harm the console unless it gets on standby:

  1. Find the Power Button
    The power button is on the left-hand side, atop the black plate between. If your console stands up and down, you will locate it near the bottom.

The Digital PS5 Edition has a solitary button, yet the disk-tray version has 2 buttons. The one on the far left is the power button; the following is for disk-tray eject.

  1. Press and also Hold the Power Button
    To turn off PS4, press as well as hold the power button. The console shuts down after it makes two beeps. It will display the appropriate message on the screen as it shuts down, signaling you not to touch the power cord.

If you release the button after a single beep, the PS5 goes into Rest Mode. Nevertheless, please prevent this method if the console is currently on standby.

How to turn off the DualSense controller?

You can turn down the DualSense PS5 controller to save battery as the console downloads content.

  1. Enter the PS5 Control Center Menu

You can turn down the DualSense PS5 controller to save battery as the console downloads content.

  1. Select the Accesories option

Locate the “Accessories” option at the bottom of the menu, on the left-right side. It has a gamepad symbol.

  1. Select your Controller

After you hit “X” on Accessories, you’ll see the devices connected to the PS5. Your DualSense must be a “Wireless Controller” Select that option.

  1. Turn-off the Controller.

Ultimately, hit “X” once more on the “Turn-Off” option.

If you have various other wireless devices connected to the PlayStation 5, like a headset, you will certainly find them on the same menu. Therefore, you can turn them off by means of the steps above.

How to turn off the DualSense controller immediately?

You can also personalize your DualSense gamepad to turn off instantly after a duration unusable:

  1. Open the PS5 Settings

Press the cogwheel symbol on the leading right of the PS5’s home screen.

  1. Select the System menu

Scroll down the settings menu as well as pick the “System” option.

  1. Enter the Power Savings sub-menu

Scroll to “Power Conserving” in the direction of all-time low of the checklist. On the best side of the screen, modify the “Establish Time Until Controllers Turn Off.”

The options shut down your controllers after a still time of 10, 30, or 60 minutes.

Exactly how to turn off PlayStation 5 controller mics?

There’re 3 ways to turn off the built-in controller mic. Understanding the options behaves, as the PlayStation 5 allows the device by default.

Via the controller

Press and hold the horizontal mute button at the center of the DualSense. It’s under the PlayStation logo.

The button will certainly blink orange after you mute the mic.

Via the Control Center

One more way to mute the mic on your PS5 controller is via the Control Center:
Go to the Control Center customarily -by pressing the PS button on the controller. After that, press “X” on the microphone symbol listed below to mute the microphone.

Via the settings menu

The third technique provides you some added options. Below’s a fast breakdown:

  1. Press the gear symbol at the top to open the settings.
  2. Go to the “Sound” section.
  3. Select the “Microphone” option, and after that choose “Microphone on Controller.”
  4. Go to “Mic Status When Logged in.” Right here, you can turn the mic on when going on the internet or have it off by default.
  5. Alternatively, press “Mute” to turn it off.


Turning off the PS5 boils down to the Control Center menu you open by tapping the PlayStation button. On the exact same UI, you’ll find the options to shut down the controller, the mic, other devices, and much more.

In addition, the PS5 goes into stand-by when idle by default. If you live in a location where power cuts are common, we suggest you tweak the System menu setting.

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