How To Clean A Microwave With Lemon

Exactly how to clean a microwave with lemon– no rough chemicals needed! Tidy as well as ventilate your microwave with just water, lemon (or vinegar), as well as optionally sodium bicarbonate– no hefty scrubbing up, as well as under 10 mins to squeaky-clean microwave utilizing this tidy microwave hack!

When it pertains to cleansing cooking area home appliances, the microwave is usually ignored completely. When you do lastly peek inside, you’ll be shocked at just how dirty this little home appliance can come to be in a short amount of time. If you, like myself, intend to prevent rough chemicals and also tiresome cleaning techniques– then learning just how to clean a microwave with lemon is the way to go.

This ‘tidy microwave hack’ utilizes the natural cleaning power of lemon juice as well as warm water to clean as well as deodorize your microwave normally and also without the demand for strenuous scrubbing. So following time you find yourself taking care of a sticking around smell or have a regrettable occurrence where a meal ‘takes off’ in the microwave (it takes place), then grab a bowl, lemon, and also some water!

Lemon juice is not just known for its natural anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal buildings, yet it is additionally a natural deodorizer. It can assist to rid your microwave of sticking around smells. When combined with steaming water, this also aids to displace any type of built-up food as well as spots inside the microwave.

Within this post, I’ll take you via the way I clean my microwave with lemon, with bonus ideas for using cooking soda as well as vinegar for similar low-effort, high-reward easy methods to clean up a microwave– including the within and outside. The entire procedure consists of only a few minutes of hands-on cleaning time!


  • A lemon: this technique works well with fresh lemons and also those looking a little previous their best.
  • A high-sided bowl or jug: you require to use a microwave-safe container with sufficient room to allow the liquid to bubble up as it boils in the microwave.
  • Water: tap water is fine.

Optional: I have also included added methods utilizing baking soda and/or vinegar.



Initially, fill up a microwave-safe dish or container halfway with tap water. Ensure to make use of one with high-sides to permit the liquid to steam up in the microwave.

Then, cut a lemon in half, squeezing out the juice from both fifty percents right into the water. After that put the remaining lemon skins in the dish also.

Area the bowl in the center of the microwave and also warm it at maximum power for 3-5 minutes, or up until it boils. For effective microwaves of 900kw+ attempt 3 mins.

As soon as the moment is up, leave the door shut for a more 5 mins, enabling the built-up steam to work, as well as loosen the gunk in your microwave.

Leading Tip: This method also deals with vinegar. Usage concerning 1 tablespoon vinegar per mug of water. Add a couple of declines of crucial oil (I like to utilize lemon) to add a wonderful scent.


I like to unplug the microwave prior to doing this part of the tidy.

Then, eliminate the bowl, bewaring not to melt on your own. It’s best to make use of a kitchen area towel or handwear covers for this. Likewise, get rid of the microwave plate and turntable ring at this moment- either tidy right away (see step 3) or delegate soak in warm water while you clean up the within the microwave if it’s actually filthy.

Clean down every one of the steamed (and also removed) grime with a clean, moist cloth.

If there is any kind of harder-to-remove dirt, you can dip the cloth into the lemon water and also scrub gently at the gunk up until it’s gotten rid of. You can additionally make use of the within the lemon peel to scrub at the microwave– as a benefit, this will additionally assist to remove any kind of remaining smells.

For extra cleansing power: spray sodium bicarbonate liberally on the bottom of the microwave and scrub lightly with the wet towel as you clean up. This benefits if you have any kind of more challenging spots on the bottom/side of the microwave.

As soon as wiped down with the wet fabric, follow up promptly with a clean down with a dry towel.


If the microwave plate isn’t too filthy, after that you can wipe it off with a moist cloth (using the lemon water or tidy faucet water).

Conversely, you might make use of a couple of declines of washing-up liquid for tougher grime.

Clean down after cleansing, with a dry towel. After that location it back inside the microwave– which is now sparkly tidy!


Clean the beyond the microwave with a damp fabric. The vent areas can have an accumulation of dirt and also crud. To clean these areas, it’s best to utilize an old tooth brush or wrap a skewer around a tidy, completely dry cloth to press somewhat right into the nooks and get rid of all the dust.


Can I make use of bottled lemon juice?
Yes, bottled lemon juice will certainly function great– particularly as a deodorising element.

Exactly how to remove stubborn stains in microwave?
If you need a little additional man-power to scrub at built-up spots, mix cooking soda with just adequate water to make a thick paste.
Dip your cloth right into the paste and also use it to massage at the greasy, filthy areas.

Exactly how to obtain charred smell out of microwave?
Utilize the combination of water, cooking soda, as well as a little lemon juice or lemon essence. The baking soda will certainly soak up the odors, at the same time, the lemon serve as a deodorizer.
You can additionally leave a bowl of baking soft drink in the microwave with the door closed. This need to assist to absorb the smells somewhat without any scrubbing called for.

How to deodorize microwave?
This is done normally with making use of lemon in the above steam-cleaning process. Nevertheless, if you determine to make use of vinegar or leave out the lemon when making use of cooking soda (to very first remove bad odors), then you can include a few declines of a natural essence (like lemon) or add citrus peel to the dish (lemon, lime, orange, etc) and also they will all work as all-natural microwave deodorizer for a normally tidy microwave.


To maintain your microwave shipshape, doing this clean as soon as a week is best. Nonetheless, if you resemble me who seldom utilizes it, after that once a month ought to be more than enough.
You can do this approach with older lemons, also, ideal for using up those lemons you do not trust to consume any longer yet do not intend to waste.
If your microwave is really filthy it might be best to make use of both lemon juice AND vinegar.
There is a small risk that the heating of the water might result in what’s called ‘super-heated water’ that can trigger your container to burst. To avoid this entirely, place a wood skewer (or spoon) in the water. This will certainly enable bubbles to form around the timber and supply a launch for the build up of air.

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